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Ep 73 - Wyn Calvin MBE OStJ

Ep 73 - Wyn Calvin MBE OStJ

November 8, 2020

The Welsh Prince of Laughter, Wyn Calvin is my guest for this episode. Recorded a week before his 95th birthday, Wyn tells me how he got started in the business, sharing some of his wonderful stories and advice for performers. 

I would like to thank Wyn and his wife Carole for their hospitality and to David Lloyd-Jones for making this interview possible. 

If you have enjoyed this episode, please click this link to make a donation to Noah's Ark, the Children's Hospital Charity of which Wyn is a founder of  




Ep 72 - Basil Brush

Ep 72 - Basil Brush

November 6, 2020

Children's television legend Basil Brush is my guest for this episode. We talk about who he's loved working with over the years, his various 'Misters' and winning over audiences. 

Basil is appearing in Cinderella at Theatre Royal Windsor, click here to book tickets 

You can find out more about Basil and where he's next appearing at his website

You can follow him on social media

And you can see Basil on his own YouTube channel

I would also like to thank Michael Windsor and Jonathan Owen for their help making this episode possible. 


Ep 71 - Paul Harris

Ep 71 - Paul Harris

May 15, 2020

Celebrating 50 years in the business, legendary Pantomime Dame, comedy historian and radio presenter Paul Harris is my guest for this episode. We chat about his famous book (that should be gracing your shelves), the feedback he was given by his science teacher at an after dinner speech and why you should never ask Paul for help with a chandelier. 

You can buy a copy of The Pantomime Book on Amazon


Ep 70 - Simmons and Simmons (Keith Simmons and Ben Simmons)

Ep 70 - Simmons and Simmons (Keith Simmons and Ben Simmons)

May 8, 2020

Father and son double act Simmons and Simmons are my guests for this penultimate episode of this series. 

In this episode we talk about Keith’s 50th pantomime and Ben’s 20th, how joining the act happened and how their partnership has evolved. 

You can find more about them and where they're next performing at their website

You can follow them on Twitter

And you can hear their song Pantomime by following this link


Ep 69 - Ken Alexander

Ep 69 - Ken Alexander

May 1, 2020

Theatre Director Ken Alexander is my guest for this episode.

We talk about writing & editing  pantomime, getting the best from his crew and the biggest difference between pantomime in Scotland and England.

You can follow Ken on his Twitter

You can book tickets to see Sleeping Beauty at the Gaiety Ayr (20-21) here 

Ep 68 - Andy Eastwood

Ep 68 - Andy Eastwood

April 24, 2020

World renowned ukulele player and pantomime star Andy Eastwood is my guest for this episode. 

He tells me how he was first introduced to this wonderful little instrument, being taught to self edit from the master of comedy and his love of performing pantomime.

You can find more about Andy at his website

You can follow him

And you can watch him in action at his YouTube channel


This episode contains a clip of Leaning On A Lamppost written by Noel Gay, performed by Andy Eastwood GBDJL0700004 under licence. 

Ep 67 - David Benson

Ep 67 - David Benson

April 16, 2020

Actor, impersonator, writer, historian, Pantomime Dame, West End star, Small Screen star and Movie Star (it's a long list) the very amusing David Benson is my guest for this weeks episode. 

We talk about his long career, what it was like to perform for Her Majesty and writing pantomime. 

We do talk about some adult themes in this episode, so whilst not explicit, I would not recommend this episode to listeners under the age of 18. 

You can see The Dad's Army Radio Show by following this link

And to see Cato Street 1820


Ep 66 - Kev Orkian

Ep 66 - Kev Orkian

April 10, 2020

The hilarious (and very fast talking) Kev Orkian is my guest for this episode. He tells me what happens when you have a well educated child up for the song sheet, his academy to teach the noble art of panto to the next generation and what it's like to perform pantomime to an international audience. 

You can follow Kev on Twitter

and find out more about Kev and where he’s performing at his website

You can see Kev this year at the Thursford Christmas Spectacular, click here for more details and to buy tickets

Tickets for the rescheduled 2021 Australian Pantomime can be found here

And the link for The Panto Academy




Ep 65 - Alex Robertson

Ep 65 - Alex Robertson

April 2, 2020

Scottish character actor and Dame Alex Robertson is my guest for this weeks episode. He tells me about the transition from pit to performing on stage, his friendship with a previous guest and how he behaved when he was a child attending pantomimes. 

You can follow Alex at his Twitter account 


Ep 64 - Chris Rankin

Ep 64 - Chris Rankin

March 27, 2020

Hollywood movie star and pantomime actor Chris Rankin is my guest for this weeks episode. 

He tells me about his first day on the set of Harry Potter, his love of villainy and the pantomime performers who were the inspiration for his career. 

You can follow Chris on Twitter

His YouTube channel

His instagram

and find out even more about him and where he's appearing at his website


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