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Ep 109 - Norman Barrett MBE

Ep 109 - Norman Barrett MBE

December 3, 2021

For the last episode I have variety royalty for you. The legend himself Norman Barrett MBE.

Norman tells me how his act began, his daredevil stunts and taking his responsibilities as a ring master seriously.


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Ep 108 - Paul Tate

Ep 108 - Paul Tate

November 26, 2021

Writer, director and seasoned pantomime dame, Paul Tate is this weeks guest. He tells me how he likes word play, the difficulty with directing and getting jobs because he was pretty.

It is a very emotional episode, for which I'd like to thank Paul for his openness and honesty.

You can find out more about Paul at his website

And you can see Paul in Beauty and the Beast in Canterbury this year (2021) Click here to book tickets


Ep 107 - John Archer

Ep 107 - John Archer

November 19, 2021

Magician, writer and actor John Archer is this weeks guest. 
He tells me how he first got in to magic, a big career change and I find out the real reason why he isn't going back to pantomime this christmas. 

Here's a link to John's website

and you can follow John on Twitter



Ep 106 - Terry Gauci

Ep 106 - Terry Gauci

November 12, 2021

Radio presenter, Dame, impressionist, writer and comedian Terry Gauci is this weeks guest. 

He tells me how he got taught how to dance, doing something different in an audition

and you’ll find out that you never know where performing can take you.


You can see Terry in his 8th year in this years pantomime Sleeping Beauty (2021)

You can follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook here






Ep 105 - Ronnie LeDrew

Ep 105 - Ronnie LeDrew

November 5, 2021

My guest for this episode is puppeteer Ronnie LeDrew.

In this episode Ronnie tells me how he became a top puppet operator, the story of his involvement with the iconic Zippy and offers plenty of advice for getting in to the industry

You can find more about Ronnie at his website

You can buy his book 'Zippy and Me: My Life Inside Britain's Most Infamous Puppet'

And to learn more about puppetry here are the links that Ronnie talks about in the episode


Ep 104 - Jess Conrad OBE

Ep 104 - Jess Conrad OBE

October 28, 2021

The legend Jess Conrad OBE is my guest for this episode. We chatted in the grounds of his home, so you’ll hear the birds tweeting and the odd train now and then.  He tells me about starting in rep, working with Charlie Drake and of course looking after himself.

There are a couple of naughty words in this episode, so you've been warned. 

Jess has a website where you can find out more information about him and buy signed merchandise

You can also follow Jess on Twitter


Ep 103 - Ben Goffe

Ep 103 - Ben Goffe

October 21, 2021

Ben Goffe is this weeks guest.


With 21 years in the business, Ben tell me about being given the chance to perform Shakespeare, being part of a chart topping group and his aspirations on becoming a director.


You can follow Ben on Twitter

and on Instagram 

Ep 102 - Johnnie Casson

Ep 102 - Johnnie Casson

October 14, 2021

The hilarious Johnnie Casson is this weeks guest. He tells me how he likes to keep his act clean, working with The Beatles and how he loved playing Dame. 

Ep 101 - Susie McKenna

Ep 101 - Susie McKenna

October 7, 2021

Actor, director and producer Susie McKenna is this weeks guest. 

In this episode she tells me about her beginnings as a Pontins Bluecoat, playing a fearless principal boy and how she's always keen on learning on the job.

You can follow Susie on Twitter


Ep 100 - Christopher Biggins

Ep 100 - Christopher Biggins

October 1, 2021

The big 100 and we celebrate this milestone with the legend himself, Christopher Biggins

Celebrating 50 years performing pantomime, Christopher tells me about his most emotional songsheet moment, the real reason he first got into pantomime and why you should never use a catapult to fire sweets in to an audience.

You can follow Biggins on Twitter 

You can see him in the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk in Dartford this year (21/22) Click here to book tickets

You can listen to his podcast Show and Tell here





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